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Welcome to the Tuulensilta riding stable!

Tuulensilta is accredited and controlled by the Equestrian Federation of Finland. It lies 35 km from the city of Tampere in western Finland.

Here you can become acquainted with Icelandic horses and the interesting world of gait riding in a friendly environment. There are two riding fields, an oval track and numerous diverse trails.

All our instructors are professionals and have degrees or other training in horse care.

The stable has Icelandic horses for both practiced riders and beginners. All the inhabitants of our stable are calm and mild, well suited and trained for working with customers. Of course, we have also more sensitive and skilled horses for goal-oriented riders.

The best way to immerse yourself in gait riding is through our diverse riding lessons. For a more relaxed experience we recommend trail riding in the forests and fields. Getting to know the horses and learning about their handling and care are essential parts of each visit. All riders are insured at Tuulensilta!



Trail riding and riding lessons

At Tuulensilta you can throw yourself into the world of Icelandic horses. The stable offers trail riding experiences for both practiced riders and beginners, as well as riding lessons where you can hone your gait riding skills.

Private lessons for groups and individuals

You can also reserve a private gait lesson for your group, where you can experience firsthand the incomparable tölt of Icelandic horses.

Courses and recreational days for companies

We offer advanced courses on Icelandic horses and gait riding. Our stable has hosted bachelor parties, children's birthday parties and companies' recreational events.


In summer Tuulensilta arranges summer camps that usually last 3-4 days. The accommodation is in new, comfortable sheds. You can also reserve a camp specially tailored for your group.

Full board stable

We offer full board for Icelandic horses. Our staff of trained professionals is responsible for the daily care of the horses, and the stable offers both the horses and their owners fantastic surroundings for their activities. Welcome to the world of Icelandics and pleasant company!


At our stable we have also a breeding stallion, Hrimfaxi från Flottatjärn. He is a big, 1st prized,  five-gaited, pinto stallion.


Reservations and further information:
Johanna Korpi